Testimonials — See what our Customers are saying about their experience!

We take our company vehicles to Steve’s to get serviced and repaired, He is a pleasure to work with, along with his capable staff. His character and integrity are the keys to his business. If you are in Sarasota/Bradenton Fl area., I would recommend Steve’s Auto Repair. Thanks, Steve.
— Bob Hearn
I have yet to have a more pleasant experience when dealing with an emergency repair. An unexpected alternator failure left me immobile more than 45 minutes from home and I had no idea who to call in the Sarasota area for a helping hand. I was fortunate enough to link up with Steve’s Automotive and Steve and Mike had me back on the road in no time at all at a very reasonable cost. They fit me right in and every staff member was kind and compassionate to my circumstances. A great experience to say the least. Thanks, Steve.
— Carl Russell
Great Service! quick and no hassle at all, got the job done faster than expected and saved me money! Friendly, helpful, and patient!
— Harry Johnstone
Honesty and fair pricing! What more could you ask for in a mechanic? My family has been using Steve for over 10 years, and have yet to be “sold” something we didn’t need. If you go somewhere else for the convenience factor, don’t sign the bill until you get a HONEST opinion from Steve’s. My brake pedal was soft, and was near a Tire Kingdom. Guy says “Master Cylinder and new rear cylinders are needed asap”, the guy went so far to say “I wouldn’t drive this home if I were you”. Took it to Steve’s the next day, loose brake fluid cap!!! Wife’s car (Lexus), dealer says “needs all new fan assembly” ($1500). Took it to Steve’s, TWO turns of a loose bolt!! “No charge” Steve says. You don’t find that anywhere else. Your wasting time and money using another shop.
— annonymous
Is there anything more annoying than when your car breaks down, gets a flat tire or runs out of gas? Decrease your stress and worry less ~ call Steve’s Auto! Steve has been an amazing help to our family - whatever car issue we might be having - whether it’s air conditioning issues, flat tires, distributor cap, or a tow, Steve has been extremely responsive and helpful. The level of customer service is extraordinary, and so appreciated. In this world where none of us have enough time to get things done, somehow Steve manages to do things immediately and at a great level of quality AND at a great price!. Thank you for all you do
— Jenn
Honest, quick and friendly. Steve, the owner, actually answers the phone...cheerfully. Glad I now know about Steve’s!
— annonymous